General Notes
New Vogue Sequence Dancing was developed in Australia during the 30's, and is now a very important part of the competitive scene with equal standing to the competition dances of Standard and Latin-American.

New Vogue Sequence Dancing has so much to offer the social dancer. Unlike Standard and Latin-American where a beginner tends to feel incompetent because of the limited knowledge of variations they can perform, after just a very short time of learning to dance this style they feel more than adequate while dancing among people who have been enjoying this style for years. For being sequence dances there is just one routine lasting for either 16 or 32 bars of music.

The main reason for prompting me to write these scripts was that although there are one or two New Vogue technique books on the market, they are found to be too technical for the social dancer because they are written mainly for the teacher of dancing to study prior to taking a teaching qualification. These scripts have been written especially for the social dancer keeping everything as simple and concise as possible but still complying with the correct technique of New Vogue Sequence Dancing.

All of the 15 Championship Dances have been scripted It is important you familiarise yourself with the General Notes and Holds before attempting to read these scripts.


Parma Waltz
Lucille Waltz
Swing Waltz
Twilight Waltz
Tracie-Leigh Waltz
Barclay Blues
Excelsior Schottische
La Bomba
Tango Terrific
 Evening 3 Step
Gypsy Tap