"Never Fail Basics"


Feather Step, Reverse Turn with Feather Finish, Three Step, Natural Turn, Closed Impetus with Feather Finish, Change of Direction, Contra Check, Travelling Contra Check, Natural Telemark, Open Telemark, Reverse Impetus, Back Whisk


Quarter Turn to R, Progressive Chasse, Forward Lock, Step Hop Pepperpot, Runs in PP, Natural Spin Turn, Turning Lock to R, Chasse from PP, Closed Wing, Tipple Chasse to R


Walks, Progressive Link, Closed Promenade, Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot, Viennese Crosses, Double Progressive Chasse to R, Right Lunge, Open Reverse Turn Lady Outside, Back Corte


Natural Turn, Reverse Turn, Closed Changes, Natural Spin Turn, Turning Lock to R, Chasse from PP, Closed Wing, Promenade Chasse (Chasse in PP), Ripple Chasse

Paso Doble

Promenade, Syncopated Separation, Travelling Spins from CPP


Open Hip Twist, Hockey Stick, Alemana, Advanced Hip Twist, Syncopated Cuban Rocks, Progressive Walks Forward and Back


Fallaway Rock, Change of Places Right to Left, Change of Places Left to Right, Link Rock, American Spin, Miami Special, Hip Bump, Whip, Walks, Link


Voltas in R Shadow Position, Criss Cross Volta, Corta Jaca, Bota Fogos, Volta Movements, Reverse Turn, Whisk, Cruzado Walks and Locks, Solo Spot Volta

Cha Cha

Forward Lock, Backward Lock, Samba Walk/Slip Chasse, Ronde Chasse closed and side, (Hip) Twist Chasse, Open Hip Twist, Hockey Stick, Time Steps, Natural Top, Advanced Hip Twist, Switch Turns, There and Back, Basic Movement, New York, Alemana, Hand to Hand, Three Cha Cha Chas