Back Surgery - April 2013

How quickly can you recover from back surgery? This photo was taken at 8 am on Tuesday 16th April exactly one week after surgery. I rode 6 klm each day in that first week to flush out the anesthetic. Pain ? Yes, lots of drugs and it was not comfortable for months, but the final result is amazing. Thanks Dr Geoff Askin from the Mater in Brisbane !!!



I had major back surgery on April 9th 2013 and my major worry was getting a chest infection so I made up my own saline and took it with me. I was put under the care of respiratory physician Dr Simon Bowler and he was surprised that I was using such a strong saline mix. He said that he recommends to all of his Bronch patients to use 6% saline every day.

Here are photos of my new screws installed in my spine: