This business is now open 7 days a week 9 am til 4.30 pm at Happy Valley in Caloundra.


Great Coffee is now available. Below are some photos of the new van and some of how it was built.


The cake fridge is on sliders and the condiments shelf attaches to the sliding door. There is a hole cut in the sliding door and another in the rear panel so that the coffee machine is visible and vented.


Holly is really camera shy (NOT)

6 x 12 volt batteries each 220 ah GEL and the 4100 watt inverter. The fridge is sitting above and the condensing unit at the right. The space in the centre is for the box to hold the LPG cylinders to run the coffee machine. At present we are plugged in to 240 volts so all of this stuff is excess which is a pity.



This is the interior control panel. Top right is invertor controller, left top solar charger, then milk fridge controller, battery condition and water level and a couple of USB outlets. The switches are for lights, water pump etc which are all 12 and 24 volt items.


a wiring headache or two here !!! Batteries are coupled as 24 volts then there is a 24 to 12 converter to run s a few small items. Freezer is 24 volt. At left is solar controller. Panels are 4 x 250 watts @ 24 volt.

Below is the rough Australia Post van we I started with. It came from the auctions:


I took it to the local Hot rod shop where they knocked out a couple of dents and painted the lower half black, and gave it a cut and polish.

The signwriter wanted a photo that would blend with the Post Office red so I chose this one of the local beach and Glasshouse mountains that I took in 2004 when I first arrived on the coast. The first photo is the draft of the design on the computer, the second the final result after the photo was printed out on sheets of plastic and the van was then wrapped. You can see the 4 solar panels which also create a bit of shade on the metal roof.