I had booked to go to the 2013 Nationals and had no plans to take my car until I came across a trailer that I could borrow that was nearly big enough to fit my Chrysler on. I measured it up and then decided to see if I could take it to the Nationals unfinished for display only and Col Chapman said ok. I made a set of extensions to add 500 mm to the trailer length and then made sure that the centre of balance was going to be ok.

I hired Pete the panel beater to give my car a quick coat of black primer, straight over the dents and rust. Then I assembled it roughly, not everything fitted correctly, then fitted the grille, lights and horns to make it look like a real car. I had to push the car with my old Commodore wagon from the back door of the garage, up the sideway, about 17 metres with about half a metre to spare each side and onto the street. My neighbour Dennis helped me load it up and I got it to the Gold Coast by midday Good Friday. The car was well received, Elvis from Rod Bods asked if it was an original Limo or a made up one so I figure if one of the better car builders has to ask then it must look something like it "coulda" been which was my intention.

Here are a few pics taken 2013:

First photo of the car as it was rolled out of the driveway, you can see the push bar still attached.

These two pics show the dodgy body-work on the rear door performed by Antique Auto Works. The centre panel had to be cut out and the body line lowered 5 mm at the rear as it went up and down hill.

I have yet to alter the door to the correct line. LHS is now correct after adding 8 mm down the centre of both rear doors.

Loaded outside the house next door

Trailer extensions:

Got there !! I left it on the trailer all weekend.

Lots of lookers, some climbed underneath. You can see that the body line on the LHS (below) is nearly exact now, still a few small tweaks to get it right. Above you can see the error in the rear door line.

This beautiful 34 Buick inspired me, Walter Chrysler was head of Buick in about 1920 on $500,000 a year !! To me the Buick has the edge on design in 34, looks more like the cars of the following years whereas the Chrysler looks much the same as the 33 model. The horizontal lines on the grille hint of the wider cars that followed.

Only finished a few days before the Nats the Buick Vicky lacked an interior but the rest of the car was first class. Chopped 3.1/2 inches

Back home unloading in the street was time consuming as all the passers-by were asking all about it..

View with rear doors oipen, blue post is a temporary prop

Rear seats face each other, lots of room for taking photos. Sunroof is above rear floor so you can stand up.

Back in the garage where it will sit for a while.