Click here for tail-lamps

I bought some Harley aftermarket turn signal lamps, stupid things had double contact globes in them so had to change all of that to fit

the single pin LED globes.

Also had to make pedestals and then re-route the wire. It originally came out way at the back of the light so I drilled another hole,

now it goes down the pedestal.

I also added these tubes to the bottom of the bumper irons to hide the wires. Look good now that they are black.

I reckon the lights match up really well.



I wanted to keep my dashboard clean so decided to put all the A/C and heater controls, headlight switch, radio, reverse camera display and warning lights etc up above the windscreen. I chose common switches that click into place and then drew a layout in CAD. It was then CNC machined in a router at Miles Plastics Caloundra.

Here are a few pics:

Test fitted a few of the parts today. It will be anodised black so it will all dissappear.

Left to right, the round hole is for a Chrysler emblem stolen from a 300 hubcap. Toyota radio is shallow, only about 1.1/2 in deep. Hazard sw, rear heater fan and temp control, video camera display, red switch toggles between the LH side camera and the rear camera. Above are two panels for warning lights, you can see the decals sitting just above. Then front A/C - heater control, then rear A/C control with climate return air temp controller. Blue switch is for cowl vent (Celica headlight motor), then headlight switch. 3 leds above are for A/C clutch and solonoids.


Fits neatly above and in easy view from drivers seat.

Mistake in what I thought happened when the headlight switch was fitted. Obvious with hindsight but it is the only error. In reality it is actually better as the bottom of the switch would have hit the retaining screw otherwise. The LEDS are snug.

Rear is where the hard work was done, getting all the recesses correct took a lot of time.

Today (Aug 5th 2013) I got the rest of the CNC parts. These are a light boxes to hold the globes for the warning lights.

Decals from a Statesman dash have been cut up and go in the slot first, the light box holds them in place. Holden dash globe holders fit each.

Remember, the alloy will all be anodised black.

The single hole light box is for the fan switch decal (x 3), shown fitted in place.

Also got a cover made for the 6 way power seat switch

Got my dash annodised black. Partly assembled it to see how it looks.

The rear side showing the light boxes annodised silver for reflection. The fan decal is from commodore cut to suit.

This is the final asseembly ready to install. The wiring harness is ready to go, just have to add the bulb holders to the ends of the wires.

This is the window switch and equaliser panel that goes on the front edge of the bench seat.