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   Progress, as at the end of 2012

This removal house was rescued from Caloundra and relocated to Witta in Jan 2009 and is nearing completion (March 2013)

As a reminder of the progress, here is a photo from the day the house was

placed on the site in Jan 2009,



Same view Dec 2012



The "big" room. This was bedroom 2 and the old kitchen, The wall came down, triple doors added

and a deck. Not finished yet.



In the front porch area we found this. It reads:

"Erected 24/10/1940 by Wright and Counter, Tradesmen".

Counter and Wright owned a sawmill and although they did not own and timber themselves they managed to "select" a lot of beautiful long straight knot-free timber for this house from the logs they were milling under contract for others. The house was built for the Counter family.

The house sits against a steep hillside so this wall had to be waterproofed and backfilled up to the bottom of the windows. There is now a carpark at this level and leads to the upstairs house via a ramp.