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The Stairs were made from local salvage Silky Oak (southern) which was purchased at the Maleny Wood Show. It started out as rough sawn slabs and I had it machined and sanded locally. I designed it all in CAD and then printed out some paper templates for some sections, and it was all routed according to the drawings. The posts were tricky as it has two landings and 3 steps between.




Shane got the lovely job of sanding and painting, thanks Shane !!

The outside frames had to be fitted to the walls first. As the concreter had made the slab with a 12 mm fall I had to use the Egyptian method of a water tube to get my levels.

The two corner pieces went in first, then the posts which were already joined, then just tappen in the steps one at a time.

Working out all those router cuts in the two posts was a nightmare but it all came together nicely.

It took 3 months to cut, route, sand and laquer it all, and then it went up in an hour.

Steph gets to test them out too. This section was then disassembled and all the walls built and plastered, then it went back in place.

There is now a toilet under the stairs, and a wash basin.

This is the downstairs entry.