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Tony Abbott thinks COAL is the future of Australia.



This website is dedicated to highlighting one of the most dramatic consequences of climate change and global warming.

My challenge to you: Create awareness. HOW? Lets create SEA LEVEL 2050 Day. What will we do on that day ? Lots, but what I want everyone to do is to tie a BLUE RIBBON (with a wave pattern) to a post or a tree to show a sea-level rise of 1 metre. If we do this around the coastline of EVERY COUNTRY then we are sure to be noticed. Note that for every metre rise we are likely to see a 50 to 100 metre creep inland of the shoreline.

It is very difficult to get a grip on what the greenhouse effect is by simply going outside and looking up at the sky. We get a few hints with the more colourful sunsets, and the storms and droughts that we are experiencing, but little that has the effect of stopping us in our tracks and changing our way of life. It's a bit like getting the measles, the spots appear way after we get the disease, and by then it's too late. This planet has critical symptoms, but the western world in particular is more focussed on our selfish, short term "get rich before we die" mentality.

This does not mean that we all have to live like a bunch of hippies in a commune growing our own veggies, but it certainly means that we need to examine what we are doing with regard to energy use and conservation in general.

By thinking about what it will be like when the mansions along the shore of Sydney Harbour have water running through the windows, we can get a more real picture of these symptoms of a very sick planet.

I want to be remembered for saying " there are too many people on the planet". In fact there are 3 times as many people on the planet today than at the time Howard Florey discovered antibiotics in 1940. Florey said in 1967, "I'm now accused of being partly responsible for the population explosion... one of the most devastating things that the world has got to face for the rest of this century."

This devastating prediction is also the cause of the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere, now being way beyond the highest level recorded in the entire history of the planet, 450 million years.

So should we all blame Florey and then keep driving our petrol powered cars and wasting energy like it is an unlimited resource ? I think not. In fact, we have all of the technology, the man-power and abilities to run this planet on solar and renewable energies, but not the political will, nor the willingness to pay the full price for our energy.

This website is in its infancy and will be altered and re-designed over the coming months.

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Robert Muston.


The link below tells the full Florey Story http://www.abc.net.au/science/slab/florey/story.htm







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