Written by Robert Muston Feb 2004 familytree@muston.com
This page is for the family of my fathers mother, Nellie Smith who came to Australia 
as a child .  Her father Edwin had left England and gone to NZ to teach the hat trade. He is
said to have invented the Boxer Hat.  When his brother died in England he left money so
Edwins family could join them. Edith Tom and Nellie went to NZ with their mother Maggie to join him. 
Another child (Christine ?, or was it Lilian ?) was born and died in NZ.
They travelled to Aust and settled in Abbotsford near Melbourne.  Nellie also joined the hat trade 
as a trimmer, putting feathers and decorations on hats.
Nellie Married George Muston in the St Phillips church in Abbottsford which is the same church
where my other grandparents were married.  (Sydney Smith and Alice Patterson).
Note that my other Grandfather Sydney Smith also had a sister Nellie Smith just to confuse the issue.
My cousin Warren Smith has traced the other Smith side of my family.  
All to be updated from discussion with Marj Bollard
Edwin Smith 1 Annie
b 1871 died in England
2 Tom  1 Dulcie 1 Kieth
m Margaret Park b approx 1890 b b
(Maggie) said to be orphan d d d
with sister m m Len Fream m
Jan 4th 1892 Marie Cronk b b
b 1872 b approx 1890 d d
d 11 Mar 1935 at home  d
5 St Philip St Abbotsford German decent 2 Geoffrey
3 Nellie 1 Jack
b 31 Aug 1895
d 2 Phyllis
m George MUSTON
b 3 Dulcie
see Muston 1 page 4 Kenneth
4 John (Jack) 1 Keith Ronald (named after aviators)
m Nellie Cousins (dwarf ??)
d aged 48
on 12 April 1978
2 Ross
5 Edith 1 Marjorie 1 Janice
b 12 jan 1898 b 5 Jun 1922 b
d 13 Nov 1978 d d
m Mr Clarence Sydney  m Phillip Bollard m Mr Tweddle
(Syd) Thomas b b
m 23 Nov 1920 d d
d 2 Geoffrey
3 Lynette
m Mr Stafford
(Stafford Yamaha in Melb)
6 Lilian died in NZ