Back Surgery - April 2013

How quickly can you recover from back surgery? This photo was taken at 8 am on Tuesday 16th April exactly one week after surgery. I rode 6 klm each day in that first week to flush out the anesthetic. Pain ? Yes, lots of drugs and it was not comfortable for months, but the final result is amazing. Thanks Dr Geoff Askin from the Mater in Brisbane !!!



I had major back surgery on April 9th 2013 and my major worry was getting a chest infection so I made up my own saline and took it with me. I was put under the care of respiratory physician Dr Simon Bowler and he was surprised that I was using such a strong saline mix. He said that he recommends to all of his Bronch patients to use 6% saline every day.

Here are photos of my new screws installed in my spine:



An update:

After years of being able to dance, hike, cycle and live a pain free life my luck ran out, I had been careful not to lift anything heavy and also to keep active so was surprised to see that my next vertabrae up, the L3 had a lean to one side. This pushed the L4 L3 disc to one side, and the L3 L2 disc the other way. It also collapsed to the point where it was pushing on the spinal cord making my legs feel heavy. I had my next surgery at the Alfred in Melbourne under Dr Greg Etherington on Tuesday July 6th 2021. This involved removing the screws from the previous surgery at S1-L5-L4 and then starting again with a new bridge. As the lower 3 were well fused this time it was from L5, L4, L3 and L2 with plastic spacers between to replace the discs and hold it steady while it fused. Instead of stiches this time they used metal staples, 19 in all.... These were removed at week 2 and it was not a painful process.