George Muston

George as a young man, as a soldier in France, pictured here with his mate (right).  Below is George and his wife Nellie (nee Smith).

This is the only photo I can find of their son Kenneth who died young.

Their son John (Jack) Muston (my father) as a baby

Jack and Rose (nee Smith also) wedding photo, and Rose when she was 21

Jack in his army uniform

George sent a lot of cards to Nellie and other family. Click the card below to link to a page showing the front and back of all these cards.


Nellie in front of the family home at 57 Mansfield St Thornbury, the family home.

Above the family of Jack and Rose in the 1950ís with me in the foreground (Robert), Ken beside me, Lindsay on Dads knee, and Alan as a baby. In the background is Bob Gunning, Mums uncle.

Christmas 1998 was the last family portrait with everyone present.

Jack and Rose at her 80th in Oct 2003 with (L to R) Ken with his granddaughter Aya, Lindsay and Robert.

George and Nellies Daughter Phylis and Jack Dickson with their 6 children (from left) Margaret, Michelle, Paul, Julie, Jennifer and Susan. Taken at Jacks 80th birthday in 2003. Their honeymoon photo is at right.

Daughter Dulcie with her daughter Diane, also taken at Jacks 80th