I discoverd this photo at a mansion named Coolart on the Mornington Penisula, once owned by the bloke in the photo named Tom Luxton.  This photo shows the Luxton family, owners of the McEwans Hardware empire about to head off for Darwin in late 1935 or 1936 from their Melbourne mansion. The backup vehicle on the right is a 1936 Ford ute but this model was released in late 1935. Tom Luxtons father made a fortune in the Bendigo Gold Rush.
On the verandah are Elsie the Cook and Minnie the Maid, Gertrude Luxton with Fleur the dog, Thomas Luxton, Elizabeth and Peter Luxton (his son I would imagine) and the bloke on the far right is Leonard Gordon listed as chauffer/ gardener.
The Chrysler on the left is a 1934 CB series, same as mine and is the only photo I have ever seen of one in Australia in any time period. This one is special as the car is nearly new and shows the kind of people who owned them.  This car is one of only 10 sold in Australia from what I can find out. Note that it has no bumpers. They came from the USA without bumpers to save shipping costs and usually had Dodge style Aussie bumpers fitted.
The Luxtons were also car people and one of this Tom Luxtons sons (also Tom) raced in the 1948 Aussie Grand Prix at Point Cook in a Bugatti fitted with a Ford V8.
The colour of this car is probably a light metallic brown which was a factory colour. My two sedans were cream so this car is likely the car once owned by John Woods, now maroon and recently sold a few times as it is in need a much work.








Below is a 34 / 35 Chev coupe I rescued from the tip. I actually got it back together.