Career History

    Sept 2000 – 2002
    Contracted Engineering Services to a variety of clients including Thiess Services (Vic) to assist with their tendering process and other problem solving contracts. I designed and managed the installation of a major metal can crushing and separation plant in Shepparton.
    Contracted to Trevaskis Engineering, a medium sized sheet-metal fabrication company, leading several projects that involved new product development. I also developed a “Business Strategy Plan” for Trevaskis under a “Small Business” grant, and photographed and prepared a multi-page corporate brochure.
    Designed an innovative new machine concept for Skye USA. This machine addressed the lower end of the market with a view to reduced inventory items and lowest shipping costs.

         May – Aug 2000

    Travelled to Hawaii to fulfil a lifetime ambition to sail the Islands.  I joined 3 crew on a 47ft sailboat and sailed around the Hawaiian Islands and then across 1100 miles of open ocean to Christmas Is, just north of the equator.

    1998- April 2000

    In early 1998 I was hired by Garretts Waste to manage their manufacturing division.  My task was to re-design the Garretts side-lifter compaction trucks, to set up the new manufacturing facility, and to manage the design, manufacturing and marketing of these trucks.   The manufacturing workshop also produced a range of waste bins, and also carried out refurbishment of the vehicles and bins in the Garretts fleet.
    Thiess Environmental Services purchased the Garretts Group in Dec 1998 and sold off the manufacturing division.   I was then appointed State Plant and Fleet Manager for the Thiess operations in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

    The Skye Project     1990-1997     

    · In Feb1990 I designed and patented a unique system to recover and recycle CFC’s known to damage the ozone layer. This targeted the refrigerant R12 commonly used in vehicle air-conditioning. This machine became Australia's largest selling Refrigerant Recycling Unit (RRU) and has since been sold in 14 countries under the brand name “Skye”.
    · I sold and delivered $1 million of Skye products in the first 90 days of our new start up company (Environmental Products Amalgamated P/L).
    · Won the Victorian Enterprise Workshop NIES award for product concept     and development and also The Australian National Enterprise Workshop, with prize money of $45,000.  This was a part of a University study program and involved writing an extensive business plan.
    · In 1991 I was guest speaker by invitation at the International CFC conference in Baltimore.
    · Presented a variety of Skye products to Underwriters Laboratories in Chicago for testing to USA safety and EPA pollution standards.
    · Invited to be a member of the USA Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)  Climate Control Committee to develop standards for CFC replacements.
    · I worked with the USA EPA in formulating early CFC controls in the USA following our practical experience.  There is a clause in US Federal EPA Legislation that I wrote regarding CFC recycling equipment.
    · Appointed to the Australian Standards Committee for the development of a set of Standards and Code of Practice for RRU's.
    · Negotiated $500,000 equity investment with giant Japanese trading company Itochu to help establish our USA operations.
    · Established USA manufacturing and sales centre in Texas.
    · Presented Skye products at trade shows and conferences in Dallas, London, Chicago, Zurich, Bangkok, Dusselldorf, Taipei and Las Vegas.
    · In 1996-97 I developed a new concept modular RRU, patented in the USA. This project involved many technologies including plastics, vacuum furnace brazing aluminium and electronics.
    · Continuing involvement in developing new Skye products with the new owners of the company.
    I took most of this year to design and hand-build my own 2 story, 3 level home featuring 20’ cathedral ceilings in Arcadia Downs Estate, Kialla.
    Managed a Slate Mining company in Mansfield, Victoria.  This role covered all aspects of running the daily operations of the mine, including designing and building new slate cutting and processing equipment, and new factory buildings. The mine was 50Km away and required the building of 24 Km of mountain road, purchasing trucks and mining equipment, and preparing a mine plan.
    Moved to the USA to establish an ‘Australian Tourist Store’ on Pier 39, in the centre of Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco. This store was the centrepiece for the Australian Consulate in California and many guests visited including the Deputy Prime Minister.
    Contracted to Warren Simmons, the builder of  Pier 39 (USA) to build 2 replica “popcorn” trucks to be used to sell a range of fast foods in the vicinity of Pier 39. The vehicles conformed to regulations of the State of California, City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Maritime Board.  These vehicles were replicas of 1929 Model AA Ford trucks and were built from 2 sketches provided by Simmons.  No original parts were used, I prepared all chassis and body designs from ‘scratch’, including driveline, suspension, and a full kitchen, and lead a team of 5 to construct these vehicles from ‘drawing board to driveable’ in 9 months.
    These vehicles were later sold and now reside in Disneyland, California, and in EuroDisney, France.
    Established a manufacturing business making Australia’s largest range of vehicle air-conditioning mounting kits.