More about Robert Muston

I was born in the Murray River town of Cobram in country Victoria in 1950 and raised on my parents orchard property with my 3 brothers, Ken (b 1949), Lindsay (b1954) and Alan (b 1956, d 1980).

This website shows a little of my hobbies and interests and my working career can be viewed on my resume page.  This page will be updated further when time becomes available.

My passion is inventing new concepts that have never been tried before. I get bored quickly with the monotony of a normal job or anything that I could employ someone to do.  I thrive on the challenge of doing something that has never been tried before.

I am also a keen photographer and find that to be a rewarding and creative way of expressing my view of the world. Some of my photos are on this site, but thousands remain in storage.

I am greatly troubled by the ignorant and wasteful way in which the our societies are abusing this amazing planet that we call home. There is a stupid and destructive ideal in play that we must get rich and try everything before we die, without regards for the consequences on future generations.  This passion has led me to try my hand at politics, standing for the Greens in the 2004 Federal election. More information is on my Greens page.

I enjoy camping and spending time in the bush and near the ocean.  I spend a lot of time ‘social cycling’ to keep fit.  I am also a Glider Pilot. In my younger years my interest centred around vintage and classic cars.  I have restored some interesting cars, all American, including 2 Cadillac convertibles. I have a rare 1934 Chrysler Convertible Sedan that I am currently restoring.

I am a past member of Rotary and Apex clubs. I am a founding member and past President of the Goulburn Valley Environment Group. In 1996 I was selected as Team Leader to represent Rotary in Japan on a 3 week Cultural Exchange.  I participated in a similar exchange to Pennsylvania for 6 weeks in 1981.  In June 2000 I joined a sailboat in Hawaii and spent 2 months exploring the islands in the Pacific.

In 2003 my son Shane and I moved to Caloundra in SE Queensland.