Here are some of my favorite photos.

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This Full Moon photo was taken at Golden Beach. I waded into the mangroves and held the camera against a branch while I waited for the egret to walk across the 'starcase', one click and it flew away. Aug 2012.

Hay Bales near Elmore Vic Nov 2013

My mothers fruit bowl, cracked and repaired more than once.

A couple of old chooks talked their heads off !!

Tanks taken at Bunya National park

Wreck of the SS Dicky at Dicky Beach Qld

Rainy night in Melb

Same night, rain on car roof.

Red Wall in Ballarat

Canola near Ballarat

The Wreck of the Maheno on Fraser Island

Why did the Toad cross the Road ???

The Picasso Tree !!!

Self Portrait