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Muston History

In the March 2004 edition of Good Weekend magazine Robert Hillman writes of how his visits to his home town graveyard leave him “feeling comforted and thrillingly alive”. In his closing paragraph he writes of his discovery of a new headstone on an old grave, the result of Jessica researching her forefathers.

“As I leave the cemetary, the real benefit of my visit kicks in. I think of the detective work of Jessica and her siblings, and how it underlines the significance of a last resting place. The dead are made invisible, and but for the grave we would have no vantage point from which to gaze out over that vast, troubling nothingness into which they have disappeared. But with our feet anchored on the earth and a name before us, we have the chance to conjure. In the cemetary of my home town, I lend the dead what they lack - mind, heartbeat, respiration, and chatter. This is where my graveyard solice comes from, I think: the hope that someone who knew me, or someone who could imagine knowing me, will read my name on a headstone and restore me briefly to the world I did not wish to leave.” 

I hope that your visit to this site also leaves you feeling as if you have briefly restored these ancestors “to the world they did not wish to leave”.

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MUSTON-1 family (my family) originated in Pailton and Smockington Hollow England in the early 1800’s and branches now exist in Australia, Canada, Wales and the USA.

My family can be accessed directly by going to the George MUSTON page

Other Mustons are listed on a separate page. Some of these familes originate within 5 miles of each other but as yet we are unable to establish a definite link.

Parramatta Mustons are listed here.

Data of births, deaths and marriages of all Muston families is onThe treepage

You will find various maps on the Locations / Maps page

Many Australian Muston men fought in various wars. They are honored on the Diggers page

The surnames link will take you to a page listing most of the surnames on this site (under construction).   I suggest you search each page in the tree.