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If you would like to submit stories and photos about your Muston family there are three ways to do this. I cannot emphasize how important it is to write down stories today, they may be lost tomorrow.

1. By email. If you have a computer and scanner please scan them and save as 400 pixels wide in jpeg format only. This will make them small enough to email, and ready for the site. Please state in an accompanying letter that you own the copyright and authorise use of the photos. The same with any stories, verify that the author has given permission to publish that article. I prefer that you attach them as word documents so I can file them later. Stories about living relatives will not generally be published, unless it is an autobiography.

If possible before you send anything please convert it to html and look at it in a web-browser so that you can see what it will look like on the web. Try to keep your format as similar to this site as you can. If you can use the format such as my Excel spreadsheet it will save me time.

When you are sure it is a worthwhile piece of work and easy for me to put onto the site simply email it all to me.

2. By post on a CD Same as above but save the files in larger sizes, 600 wide at least, and then contact me as below and mail to me.

3. By post for me to scan. If you do not have a computer and scanner I am willing to scan the photos for you. You will need to send them to me wrapped in plastic by registered post. I will return them within 30 days.

Please email or phone me on (Australia) 0412-877-338 for my postal address.

It may take some time to verify and put on the web.

Details such as “uncle fred married aunt maude and they had three kids and lived in seattle” is not useful unless it is in context with dates of births, christenings, marriages and deaths. Please be aware that I get some inacurate data scrounged from the Mormans website where dates have not been matched up.  If you have guessed at data and have not got proof with family records etc please state “best guess” or “I think this may be Uncle Fred” rather than send me misleading data.

Thanks, and good luck.

Rob Muston