My MUSTON family (Muston-1)

My Gt Gt Grandfather John Muston was born on January 13th 1813 to a William and Mary Muston and christened at the church at Stretton Under Fosse near Pailton England. John Muston married Mary Stanton (born 1822) in 1842 (approx).    John and Mary lived in Smockington Hollow near Pailton, Warwickshire England and raised the six children listed below.

The photo at right is labelled Mother Muston.

I believe it may be Mary Muston (nee Stanton)

John Muston below is my Great Grandfather

This photo was taken between 1898 and 1901 according to the fashion of the dress (double sleeves) and hat.

Mary b.1843

Ann   b.1844



John (Jr) b.1849

Joseph b.1851

James b.1854




This website explores the lives and decendants of this family.

Please note: The page titled The Tree contains several Muston and other family trees, and also a telephone listing of all Mustons in the western world (a little out of date) Use the tabs at the bottom of the pages. 
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I have spent some time on the web over 5 years, exchanged emails with lots of people and from the information gathered have put together what I believe is a relatively accurate trail of Muston families. Details are proven back to a point, but prior records are yet to be confirmed but they link well together by date and location of Christenings, Births and marriages, parents names, census records and letters. Those records are included elsewhere on this site.  Much of the preliminary work on my Australian family is the work of Rita Dorling (dec) who traced the decendants of my Gt GF John here in Australia and wrote much of the Aussie Mustons page.   If you can confirm or make alterations please let me know.  I would like to add as many dates of the above events as possible, also any history of family life, work, photos etc would be gratefully accepted.  If you would like to use the website for a webpage or have for your email please contact me.

There are records according to the somewhat doubtful Heraldry books showing Mustons living in the Nottinghamshire area as early as the 11th century.  These books say that Muston means “town of mice” so maybe we are decendants of the Pied Piper (haha).. The city of Nottingham is 35 miles north of where our story begins, so given a time of 400 years we are relatively close to the alledged source of the Mustons.  According to records kept by the Mormons, taken from actual Church records in England, there was a large family of Mustons at Nether Whitacre, about 15 miles from Monks Kirby in the 1540’s, including one Robtus Muston.  One day I am sure a connection will be found to this family.

In “Bourkes General Armory” the supposed “original description” of the Muston coat of arms (if we ever had one at all) is as follows: “AR., A Chevron between three crosses Flory SA.”  Below is their version of this translation.

  The history of the Muston name is wonderfully written on Cheryl Runkles site