This page is dedicated to Alfred and Charlie Muston who died in conflict, and to all the Muston men and women who fought in any war.

Alf Muston died just 6 weeks before the end of the first war on Sept 28th 1918 and is buried in the Tincourt New British cemetery in France in plot VF5 (see the background image). This was the wooden marker on the grave which I assume was erected by his mates.  You will note some only have a few metal plates, but Alfs is very elaborate. I think this would indicate the respect he had earned over the 3 years he spent in the trenches in France.  3 million soldiers died in France, his brother George was one of the lucky ones.  Today the graveyard has rows of white headstones all the same, this one is long gone.  Alfs camera and medals are kept by his neice Diana and nephew Alf.  More about George and Alf are on their respective pages.

George and Alf in France 1917

Charlie (left) is buried in Thailand. His uncles were George and Alf.

George and Alf (right) taken 1917 France.

Jack Muston and Phil Bollard (below)

Jack on Phils military Police bike.

Jack Muston and Phil Bollard

This was the campsite where George and Alf stayed at Salisbury Plains in 1916 waiting to go to France. Alf wrote a diary on the ship to England in 1916.